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About dynamix-Djs
With over 20 years of experience in the business, here at dynamix-Djs we know how to get your freak on. We aim to meet all your needs in regards to booking a specific artist for your club/ event. We are known for our reliable service and our role can best be described as a combination of agency and management duties.
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    Dynamix branches out and is hosting Yoga events with live DJ sets at beautiful outdoor venues.
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    Lady Starlight’s intimate knowledge of techno (particularly the raw and uncompromising variety designed by the likes of Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Joey Beltram and her collaborative partners Surgeon and Regis) has taken her to the studio, where she now provides Stroboscopic Artefacts with a 4-track contribution to this ongoing legacy of ecstasy. Her expert control of sound extremes (something she has clearly picked up during her personal education in diverse musical genres) colours each of the four EP tracks with infectious enthusiasm.

    Lady Starlight's 'Untitled' EP will be released on Stroboscopic Artefacts (SA030) soon –
    listen to it on Soundcloud.
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    Since September 2015 Surgeon has been performing live improvised techno using hardware machines. This has been a gradual process of evolution over the 25 years that he’s been performing to a point where it really can’t be called DJing anymore.
    He’s taken the techniques and inspiration from this live creative process and distilled them into these four tracks.
    ‘Convenience Trap’ follows on from the techniques learned in his ‘Bland Ambition’ release. Out now on Dynamic Tension (DTR012).
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    Bryan Black (a.k.a. Black Asteroid) has dropped the first single Howl (feat. Zola Jesus) from his forthcoming debut album Thrust, due for release later this year on Last Gang Records. 'Howl' features remixes by Chris Liebing, Brian Sanhaji and Time Traveler.

    There is a little story behind the song Bryan shared with us: "Through mutual friends I ended up on tour with Zola Jesus in 2014, playing experimental techno before her shows. Shortly after the tour, we recorded a song together and set about making a video in Iceland. Visually, the alien landscape of Iceland perfectly suited the song. For me a song isn’t complete until there is a matching video or graphic. It needs to be a complete package. I feel like we have taken techno into another time and space with this song, which is always exciting.“
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    Machines Can Talk marks David Alvarado's first album release in almost 10 years. This new album provides a glimpse into the future for veteran producer while keeping true to the style and production of his previous album releases on Peacefrog, NRK, and Plastic City. Head over to Soundcloud for a preview of the album.
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The Artists
We are proud to represent some of the top DJs and Live performers in the industry, for whom we arrange club and festival gigs around the globe. We also set up full label tours and, if you wish, you may book dynamix nights with some of our main artists for festivals or bigger clubs, too.
Booking / Contact
In addition to the classic tasks of a booking agency we also offer our services when it comes to relating matters such as arranging licensing, remixing or production for all of our artists.

We are looking forward to assisting you in any of the above matters.
    Please send us a quick enquiry by email or by using the contact form below and let us know about the artist(s) you would like to book for your event. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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